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Epson printer app for android: Makes Mobile Printing as simple as ABC?

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There is no stopping the rise of Mobile Printing, so much so that Epson had no other choice but ride on its popularity, or be left behind. To adapt to this rage the epson printer app for android was developed, precisely to meet the demand head on.

With the epson print android app, epson printer users can now print endlessly from their android based mobile devices. Which only mean that users can move and be almost anywhere and still use the printer to accept and print all documents sent from their mobile devices. With WiFi, there is no need for anyone to be near a printer to print.

This just launched epson print enabler app for android 4.4 kit kat and higher could only be applicable to epson WiFi enabled printers. WiFi is mandatory because this app operates using radio signals, anything less and the attempt will be futile. This app is available free to epson users and is on deck at the Google Play Store.

Also this app can coalesce directly with any number of Android app allowing users to print directly from Chrome, Drive, Gallery, Gmail, Photos, Quickoffice and many more. And this is possible without even opening up any other or separate printing app.

Users who want to avail of the relevance of the app must first download the epson enabler from the google store. Once the app is ready then the user can access the device (printer) ‘Settings’. Once in the settings proceed to ‘Systems’, then go to ‘Printing’. The ‘Epson Print Enabler’ should appear, then set it ‘off’ by default and tap or switch it to ‘on’.

Epson printer app for android is timely to allow epson printer users the capability to enjoy mobile printing. And as bonus the epson print android app surely makes mobile printing as easy as ABC.

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