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Dell Laser Printer: What is so special about the e525w color printer?

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Not much really, because like its competitors, the Dell e525w color laser all in one printer prints, copy, scan and do fax. Maybe what makes it outstanding is its small footprint and price which makes it really attractive to most organizations.

The e525w is classified as a laser printer, but is obviously confusing because it uses LED to draw the image on the drum. Nowhere in the printing routine that laser is used, but all the other processes are similar to a regular laser printer. From the drum, to the toner in cartridges, to the heating process, and even paper movement the e525w is a dell laser printer all throughout.

All will look at the e525w as a laser printer, with Ethernet and WiFi networking and works sensibly with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The main paper tray can accommodate up to 150 sheets and can print on heavier paper thickness. It has an automatic document feeder that allow users to copy or scan a stack of documents in a single operation.

The Dell e525w like recently released MFP’s can print from and scan direct from a website (DropBox, EverNote) but follows a unique setup. While most printers that offer this particular feature, commands emanate from the front panel and the printer connects directly to the cloud through the local network. The e525w is different since it runs using a supplied program from the PC or an equivalent app from the mobile phone.

The Dell e525w color laser all in one printer is highly recommended for businesses that need low volume printing, does not classify a duplexer as essential, and do not use small fonts more often. It is worth the money, due to balance in speed, above average output quality, and together with regular features, makes this printer ideal for this class of users.

Remember, MFP’s have almost identical features and capabilities, but the Dell laser printer will stand out in any comparison.

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