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HP Envy 5660 Printer is MORE than a Regular Inkjet


What does regular inkjet printers have in common? They print, copy, scan and some even have the fax messaging feature. You seldom find inkjets that are standalone, most are designed wireless all in one printers.

All other features beyond the basics make it already extraordinary as envisioned by its designers for the HP Envy 5660 printer. The main function as a photo printer, copy, scan, do wireless printing, is AirPrint capable with two-sided (duplex) printing have been mesmerizing, to say the least.

But, what makes it more than a regular printer is mobile printing that allows it to rise from the trenches. Now that smartphones and mobile devices are in, the more that the HP Envy 5660 becomes relevant. Imagine, you can print just about anything easily using your iPhone, tablet anywhere where Internet service is available.

Not only does the printer offer convenience but the best there is in photo printing and borderless as well. Photos are printed right up to the edge of paper, maximize capability without the need for trimming. This feature is not available to all the other printer brands and models out in the market.

And because using the HP Envy 5660 is quite addicting, users will find that they had run out of ink without even noticing it. Hp had put the user’s welfare first hand, and even promote 50% savings through the HP ink promo. Which would even be cheaper when compared to refilling empty or used ink cartridges.

As a matter of preference, HP Envy 5660 users need to enrol with the HP Instant Ink program and be aware of the system. Once a member, Hp will track down the users printing habits automatically and respond when there is a need. Replacement ink cartridges are delivered to the user right to their front door.

Remember, the HP Envy 5660 printer is not just any regular wireless all in one printer, it is specifically designed for you in mind.

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