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Ricoh Printer App: Allows direct communication to Smart Devices

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Smart devices are poised to flood offices and revolutionize the business environment and printer apps developed alongside to meet the need squarely.

Ricoh on its part shared in the development with its own version of ricoh printer app, the purpose is to ably help users cope with the recent trend. The app is known as the Ricoh Smart Device Connector, and as the term connotes it is devised to reduce the burden of connecting to the smart office devices. A simple feature of this app is the Ricoh smart device print and scan.


As sophistication is observed in the office environment, procedures for connecting to the various smart devices have become complex. In fact the process alone becomes the source of stress on the personnel assigned to man the smart devices. To reduce the employee predicament, the Ricoh smart device connector will simplify the complex connection procedure.


In cases where print and scan is preferred, the Ricoh smart device print and scan is a free app intended for iOS and Android based devices allows users to directly to send print jobs to Ricoh multifunction printer from smartphones, tablet and other mobile devices. And in return, information on scanned image files can be received directly to the smartphone or mobile device.


Information or documents handled by the Ricoh smart device print and scan app include photos, web pages, Microsoft Office, PDF documents, as well as those from cloud storage services. Users can also scan images directly on their smart mobile devices and can opt to store the contents to the cloud storage. The process increase productivity levels, because computers will not be needed.


Remember, the Ricoh printer app - Ricoh smart device connector is detailed to reduce complexity in the use of smart office devices. Printing and scanning likewise becomes a simple process with the introduction of Ricoh smart device print and scan app. Password can also be encrypted to enhance security.

In the end, if convenience is all that matters, the Ricoh printer app is the silver bullet that kills all the complex procedures.

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