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Best Black and White Laser Printer - Why need monochrome when you can have color?

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Why need a monochrome printer indeed? The reason - majority of offices or home office thrive using only a best black and white laser printer and color is only intended for special documents.

In instances where color is required, such are regularly sourced out, which becomes more friendly to the office finances. And when volumes of printing is unusually high, expect the best black and white laser printer to be in the forefront. Nobody can deny the fact that laser printers are the best when it comes to volume and speed printing.

Why would anyone choose a monochrome laser printer instead of the much more affordable inkjet printers? The consideration could only be because of the cost, less maintenance, high-yield replacement cartridges and lower cost per printed page. Then add-up the cost of ownership, a perfect printer is yours for the taking.

  1. Very minimal operating costs if the office is only into monochrome printing, because users will only need a single replacement cartridge, not four as regularly used in color laser printers.
  2. Low maintenance because having only a single cartridge, it is easier to operate. Printers are regularly frustrating and anything could go sour at anytime. Thus, it is easier to troubleshoot with a single cartridge printer.
  3. When you think of a high cartridge yield, it does not mean only a few hundred pages as expected from inkjet printers. But high-yield toner cartridges can go as much as 20,000 pages, 1000 page being low-yield for laser printers.
  4. Low cost per page can only be expected when using high-yield cartridges, simply because toner costs minimally. You are actually paying for the cartridge casing when doing replacement. There is only a slight difference when buying a low-yield compared to high-yield cartridges.

In monochrome printers, doing cartridge replacement is far in between, meaning a single load can last up to a few months. Unlike inkjets where replacement can be as often as weeks or even days. Of course the frequency of replacement is based on the volume prints that offices do on a daily basis.

Remember, when your thing is printing only monochrome documents, take the HP Laserjet ProM15w the best black and white laser printer.

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