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Dell 3000 Drum Reset Chip : Replacing The Smart Chip For Another Printing Cycle

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What happens when a trusty laser printer such as the Dell 3000 conks out right in the middle of an important print job? Don't panic! There could be a hundred different reasons why the printer desisted functioning. If prior to interruption, print quality was determined to be consistent while no defects materialized over printouts; then the possibility of being low on toner supply can be ruled out. What you can do is initially check the printer's power supply for loose connection. If connection is not faulty and the printer's LCD prompts the Replace Photoconductor message then most likely the trouble is with the drum unit.

The imaging drum kit of Dell laser printers are outfitted with radio frequency-enabled , locking devices called smart chips. The smart chip is a small, button-like counting electronic device that automatically discontinues the drum's operations following the print out of 10,500 pages in the case of the Dell 310-5732 imaging drum kit. Being the image transfer component of the laser printer unit, no copies can be further produced from the device after it has reached its specified lifespan, unless replaced with a new drum kit. Moreover, the response is automatic regardless of whether the toner cartridge is empty or half full. There is a way however to override the drum counter and that is by replacing its smart chip with a clone Dell 3000 drum reset chip.

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Overriding the Smart Chip 

Dell designed its drum units separately from the toner cartridge and as such, it is possible for the latter to outlast the intended page life of the drum unit following a number of toner cartridge replacements. Even when it is already due for replacement, the drum can still survive another cycle as long as the unit is free from scratches and dents, where a little housekeeping of its surface (clearing lingering waste toner) would make it serviceable again. In these instances, it would be practical to replace the smart chip with a Dell 3000 drum reset chip

Simply unload the drum cartridge from the laser printer; locate the smart chip slot and pluck the item out with your fingernails or use a small flat head screwdriver and then slide in the reset chip. The process is that simple, no special tools are needed to successfully replace the DELL 3000 drum reset chip.

The smart chip likewise needs to be replaced if the user decides to refill empty DELL 310-5726 OEM toner cartridges with the DELL 3000 toner refill kit or the printer will not print at all. Replacing the DELL reset chip is just like installing a new automatic page counting electronic device. The Dell 3000 drum reset chip is available at Laser Tek Services for only $16.95. That's way cheaper than getting a $160 drum imaging kit.

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