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Dell Printer: How to print from Android mobile devices?

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Seeing the popularity of direct printing from mobile devices, Dell has released an Android based mobile printing apps - the Dell printer apps for Android. However, this app is solely intended to be compatible only with Dell printers.

The Dell printer apps for Android is available to download from Google Play, and it gives users the capability to directly print photos, important documents or contents from mobile devices - like from a smartphone or tablet. As previously mentioned, this app has been devised predisposed only for all Dell supported printers through WiFi or Ethernet network.

This app is only 11MB in terms of bulk, and runs on Android devices with the 2.1 version of the platform and above. This app backs the automatic detection of printers within range in an awfully short time, but in particular only to any supported Dell printers. This app even include a list of supported Dell printers, a convenient setup because users will only tap the right device from the list.

For mobile device users, this Android App (google cloud print) is pre-loaded to most Android devices, but can also be downloaded manually. To be able to avail the convenience of direct printing the sequence of instruction are as follows:

  1. Once google cloud print app is on, the user need to open the app that contains the document to be printed. Tap three icons that will indicate series of options (usually found in the upper right hand corner) to look and select the print option.
  2. Add or identify the printer compatible with the device on the shared WiFi network.
  3. Click on the compatible printer and wait for the sequence of instruction to appear on the screen.
  4. Follow the instruction dutifully and print.

Take note that the Dell printer apps for Android supports printing documents from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs and PDFs, Calendars and several others including SMS messages and web pages.

Remember, Dell printer app for android has been devised to offer convenience to various users of mobile devices - smartphone and tablet.

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