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Epson iPrint: Mac mobiles to Epson printers made easy?

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There is no stopping the rise of the smartphone, as it entirely inundated everybody like a tsunami. And since Mac devices led the onslaught, it becomes second nature for Epson to join the craze with the release of Epson iPrint app.

The Epson iPrint and scan is the app that allows anyone to access the printer from any Mac mobile devices to do almost anything, print scan and several others. In fact, the app is so versatile that it somehow aped the PC in features. And for the convenience of its users the process of sending digital information is as easy as just making a friendly call.

The Epson mobile app actually broke the exclusive bond between Apple devices, because initially AirPrint (Mac app) can only communicate with a few Mac compatible printers. And since Epson is not supported by AirPrint, communication to Epson printers had become impossible. With Epson iPrint app mobile printing has found a nest in Epson printers.

Convenient printing among Apple devices is practically also a treat with the inclusion of Epson printers. This allow users to print Word, PDF Files, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG Files, and also Web Pages. Scan can also be initiated from the mobile device and ably supports printing from cloud based services in addition to multiple printing options.

Some quarters suggest, that the rise of the smartphone will start the demise of PC’s, which could be real. The reason possibly, is what anyone can do on a PC is practically also available on a smartphone and mobile. If gadget sales is any indication, smartphones has seen meteoric rise, and declining sales in PC’s globally.

Probably the only thing that Epson iPrint can renege on its promise of mobile printing made easy is a not so reliable WiFi signal. An awful WiFi defeats the purpose of a convenient iPrint and scan application.

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