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Epson Wireless Printer: Make printing a breeze with the XP 440 AIO

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One seldom finds a printer in the category of an epson expression home xp 440 wireless all in one (AIO) printer because perfection does not come often.

True, this epson wireless printer is the epitome of what a device should be, packed with convenient and enviable practical features. Just from the looks of it, the printer is endowed with a high resolution 2.7 inch color LCD, obviously added to help and guide users to make setup and navigation easy.

Being an all in one, print, copy and scan are standard features, but what makes it more intriguing is, it delivers complete wireless solutions. Mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and all other Android OS based gadget connects with easy access to print, scan with the unique WiFi direct - operates without the need of a local network.

And part of its line of features is a built-in card slot, so printing borderless photos without the need of a PC becomes possible. Further to add convenience to the user, it has a standard 100 sheet paper capacity tray so reload will be less often or far between. But the practical features does not end here, ink cost is very affordable.

Simply put other printers require that all cartridges should have sufficient ink levels to print, not with the Epson xp 440, because users need only to replace the cartridge that ran out of ink. Plus it is part of the Amazon Dash Replenishment which track ink usage and sounds the alarm once the printer is running low on ink and needs cartridge replacement.

All of these giant features are built and squeezed into a compact body, making the overall footprint less intimidating. The ultra sub-compact footprint fits well in any office environment, whether it is huge or inside home offices. And at a cost of a little less than $50, it will never be a burden to the office finances.

At the end of the day what matters is that printing should be a breeze that can only be offered by an epson expression home xp 440 wireless all in one printer. And if it is an epson wireless printer, reliability is its surname.

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