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Epson XP 830: Is potentially the best inkjet MFP for home or home office?

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There are hundreds of printer models out in the market and being chosen as potentially the best option for a particular segment is indeed awe inspiring. The epson expression premium xp 830 has eclipsed all others.

True, the epson xp 830 is bruited as the best as an all-in-one (AIO) with scan and copy function, together with an automatic document feeder (ADF), built in fax, both WiFi and Ethernet connection, capable of wireless printing being compatible with Apple AirPrint, cloud, and works in both Apple and Mac operating systems (OS).

How most arrived at this conclusion is based on a time tested criteria culled solely on the printer’s performance. This covers (a), text quality, (b). text speed, and (c). graphics quality:

  1. Under text quality the output is gauged on how crisp and clear the produced black texts are, in various phases, sizes and styles. High scores are awarded to models that delivers more uniform types showing sharp edges and smooth curves.
  2. Text speed is quite confusing, so models are required to how fast it can print five pages on plain texts, and or letter-sized pages. Printers that made it in 30 seconds or less are considered excellent, from 31 up to 60 seconds falls as very good, over 60 but less than 90 seconds is good, while 90 to 120 seconds is categorized as fair and outside the scope is considered poor.
  3. And finally in graphics quality is assessed on how the color graphics look, as to how it affects the viewers sense of perception and depth.

To be more precise all printer models were required to undergo similar criterion, extent of coverage and the number of times the test procedures are made.

Remember, the epson expression premium xp 830 submitted and came out of the test procedures in flying colors and virtually ahead of the pack. So, the designation of the epson xp 830 as the best MFP printer for the home and home office is above board and is no fluke.

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