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HP Color LaserJet Pro m452w: The total package printer

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Think of a printer that performs outright from the box without any precondition, that is the HP LaserJet Pro m452w. And because it is a HP color laser printer, the name and reputation is the guarantee.

What makes this printer ideal is the fact that it deals with the demand placed upon it, no hassle just perform. Besides it delivers fast printing, competition only trails in comparison. And wakes up from sleep right out when a printing job is on the line. Some features are detailed as follows:

  1. Secure and strong protection for all print jobs from boot up to shutdown because of its unique security features that guards against all forms of threats.
  2. User-friendly as it is really convenient to operate through its 2-line LCD display that is simple to read and operate. Setup becomes fast and device setting is easy to manage that increases printing efficiency.
  3. It has mobile printing options that allow convenient printing from mobile devices - smartphones and a variety of other devices, from anywhere even halfway around the globe.
  4. Manual dual printing or printing on both sides of the paper is an added feature of the device, to radically save 50% of paper use.
  5. Supplies is tracked and resupply is automatic, through the Amazon Dash Replenishment system that provides service, reorders when there is a need. So, users need not worry about shopping for replacement toner again.

Just from the features of the HP LaserJet Pro m542w printer alone, is already overwhelming. And considering the added support system, users are reasonably covered, no worries just print and enjoy the experience.

Remember, the HP Color Laser Printer is preceded by a sound reputation, so when the the HP Color LaserJet Pro M542w being classified as the total package printer is actually a statement of a fact.

So, when there is a need for a total package printer, the HP Color LaserJet Pro M452w fits the bill squarely.

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