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HP ENVY 5530: How is it as an e-printer?

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The HP Envy 5530 as an e-printer connects through WiFi, to let users print anywhere or wherever the urge gets the better of them. This all-in-one printer review is a manifestation of what the printer features are in support of the users creativity.

But, connectivity aside, how is the HP Envy 5530 as a printer? This printer delivers borderless, lab quality photos, in fact laser sharp photos. So, documents are presented with quality appeal and even have archival quality due to the ink developed by HP. And because the printer is loaded with high-yield ink cartridges, it can be used for high-volume printing.

The use of high-yield ink cartridges offers users a lot of savings, and around 50% if the user opts for the optional HP Ink Service with ink consumables delivered into your doorstep literally. And more savings can be had, particularly when user or the office is engaged in high-volume printing, a low-cost option from HP.

The fact that the 5530 operates wireless, users can use the printer to store information or print from the smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices. One can even scan directly to the mobile device, without the use of a computer for easy storage and sharing. And all of these printing convenience can be enjoyed from virtually anywhere.

Finally because the HP Envy 5530 delivers stunning quality photos and laser sharp documents, users who roam around, on vacation and business deals are assured that mementoes are not left wanting. So, whenever creativity strikes, they can shoot to their heart’s content, because of the assurance that the HP Envy 5530 printer can deliver.

Remember, this all in one printer review is a beacon to guide users on how important and special the the HP Envy 5530 printer is. And to allow the user to exercise and express to its full potential his abject creativity, through the photos and documents developed by this printer. With this printer in your arsenal, a user can never ask for more.

As an all-in-one printer review, it defines the HP Envy 5530 as an e-printer. 

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