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HP instant ink Printers: How does it benefit subscribers?

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When it comes to printer ink supplies, users will always be apprehensive, because replacement OEM inks are really expensive. So, even if the intention of hp instant ink printers is noble, doubt still persists.

Hp instant ink is yet another move introduced by hp to free users of the burden of buying replacement ink cartridges. However, this is not generic to all hp printers but only to hp instant ink eligible printers. Printers enrolled under this program will have its ink consumption tracked by hp, and automatic resupply is made when ink supply is low.

In short, hp spies on each printer users ink consumption and resupplies ink for a fee. It is another form of subscription, where users license hp to monitor ink levels, type of documents printed, whether monochrome or color. And hp will now share the gathered information (name, address, email, printer model) to the nearest supply store where the user originally bought the subscription.

Payment for the ink subscription comes in tiers, $1 per 10 pages on the free plan, $1 per 15 pages on the occasional plan, $1 per 20 pages on the moderate plan and $1 per 25 pages on the frequent plan. The schedule is quite reasonable if one is not into heavy printing, but it could add up for prints over the allotment monthly.

In cases where users were not able to make use of the allotted pages, such will be rolled over to the next month. The allowed rollover also comes in tiers, maximum of 50 pages for the occasional, 100 pages for moderate, and 300 pages for frequent plans. So, if the allotment has not been used for the current month, expect pages to double the next month.

The benefit of instant ink is enlightening, but what may actually deter users, is the freedom to print as much as one wants will be limited and guided by the monthly pages allotment.

Hp instant ink printers subscription is only possible through an internet connection and intended only for the hp instant ink eligible printers. 

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