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HP OfficeJet 200/250: It is your middle ground printer

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American society falls under three distinct classification, the super rich, the middle class and the dirt poor. Printers also follow a similar grouping, the feature laden, the middle ground and the regular, the type that only prints nothing more.

The HP OfficeJet 200 mobile printer is middle ground because it is not as good as the feature laden printer but so much better than the feature devoid regular printers. It is sized just enough to be in offices, and compact to be carried around as a mobile printer.

As part of the HP Portable printer family, the hp officejet 250 and the 200 gives users the best of both worlds in a printing scenario. Simply because it can be used in offices plugged to the power outlet. Or it can be carried around and offers a few hours of printing performance runs due to its built-in battery pack.

In performance, the HP OfficeJet is also in the middle ground, since it can be relied upon as office printer. What with the features built into the carcass that apes most regular inkjet printers. Nobody expects that this compact device carries a lot of punch, but that is how HP envisions the printer to be, that’s strategy.

Speed is also middle ground, not being fast as the high end but faster than most regular printers. The reason possibly is it must be able to cope up with most desktop printers. Imagine a portable printer that churns out 10 ppm (pages per minute) when plugged to the power socket and 9 ppm on battery power, while color prints at 7 ppm and 6 ppm.

Print quality is also middle ground as the blacks are really dark with commendable smooth edges. Prints optically feels sharp, without the furry or hairy look endemic to inkjet printers. Color prints are also of a quality that is devoid of banding, solid and the resulting graphics are smooth to look at.

Another feature that is unique to the HP Officejet 200 mobile printer and 250, is the ability to prime or make the ink cartridges ready once the unit is turned on. This feature entirely eliminated the 20 seconds warm-up cycle delay, since anyone can print right away. The only negative comment from this printer is the low capacity ink cartridges.

The bottom line, the middle ground description is apt, as the HP OfficeJet 250 can be considered as an office printer and being mobile is already a bonus coming from the hp portable printer series.  

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