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HP OfficeJet 8600 Printer: Prints better, but cheaper than a Laser?

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When it comes to economy, no printer can beat the laser in monochrome printing. The bias is really recognizable, and HP is trying to address the difference through the HP 8600 printer together with the HP printer ink.

Regularly, most offices prefer the laser because it is cheaper as can be deduced by satisfied office workers. Plus, the fact that laser prints really fast, some even as fast as over a hundred pages per minute (PPM). That is why offices employ two sets of printers, one for monochrome and one for occasional color printing.

This arrangement is however not satisfactory, considering that cost outlay for the procurement and maintenance of the devices would really be high. That is besides the fact that most offices operates within a very limited office area. So, having two printing devices will cramp and eat up a lot of space. It is either one or the other.

For offices that do not have to print a lot, an inkjet printer will be sufficient to meet the demand squarely. If not for the high cost to print, the inkjet would be ideal considering that the acquisition cost of the device is affordable compared to a laser. The HP OfficeJet 8600 is devised to bridge the gap, a cheap monochrome print and tolerable print output.

In comparison, HP says that to print with the HP OfficeJet 8600, black and white documents will come out at 1.6 cents per page. Laser prints meanwhile at a constant 4.1 cents per page, though the price difference is not much but if it covers 100 pages it is now money down the drain. Color printing is regularly over four times the cost of monochrome - at 7.2 cents.

Remember, when it comes to color printing, the Inkjet is king, in monochrome and speed the laser is tops. But, with the HP 8600 printer, both can be yours at least cost to the pocket. To maintain the printer’s level of performance, it is advisable that the original HP 8600 printer ink must be used as well in the process.

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