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HP Printer: How to setup a HP Printer?

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In order for a printer to work, HP printer setup is necessary to connect it to the computer and communicate. The setup is coincidentally labelled as install HP printer.

To print, a printer must need the setup protocol to create the communication line with the computer. Remember that all the commands directed to the printer emanates from the computer, if setup is not successful, then printing could not be consummated.

First in line is open the Windows Device Installation Settings and prompt your computer and set to automatically allow the download of a driver software.

  1. Next search Windows for change device installation and then click on the Change device installation settings on the control panel from the lists shown.
  2. Then the Device Installation Window opens.
  3. Pick the Yes option and then click on Save Changes.

After executing all info, connect the printer to the computer with a USB Cable or through the local network and Windows can detect the printer during the driver installation. But before even connecting the cable see to it that:

  1. That the computer is powered on and is connected to the local network, and that the cable is securely connected to the USB port of the printer with the other end to the computer.
  2. When found a new hardware appears on the screen, follow the set of instructions to install the print driver.

Once completed, the HP printer setup is over, the driver installed and the system is now ready to print. The driver is the app software that takes all the information from the computer and executes the commands. Like scan, copy, print, even settings and the amount of ink to be used in the printing process.

Try to test print, and when successful the process has been precisely executed. If not, the page for frequently asked questions in the HP website should give the inputs on how to troubleshoot and install Hp printer downside.

There is no substitute for HP printer support.

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