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HP Printer Scanner: How to use it?

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The HP printer scanner is regularly bundled into an all-in-one printer, seldom do they exist as stand alone. And being a bit player, how to scan from the printer is quite a maze, but sets of instruction makes it possible.

If you are not familiar with the HP AIO (all-in-one) printer, it is used to scan documents and photos. It works through an operating system (OS) like Microsoft’s Windows. Since there are different versions of Windows, instructions vary there are a few different setup instructions depending on which type is loaded into the printer.

The latest to hit the market is Windows 10, but if your printer was made prior to 2012 the only option is to use the HP Solution Center software that came with the printer and installed in the computer. Once ready, follow on with the instructions:

  1. Open the scanner cover and place over the glass surface the document face down that needs to be scanned. Then close the scanner cover.
  2. Push ‘start’ the scanner button, this shows ‘all programs’ and open the file folder, the ‘hp solution center’ should appear and double-click on it. The ‘Hp solution center’ window would open.
  3. If the intention is only to scan a document and only edit later click the ‘scan document’. Choose the location where the document will be scanned, a folder maybe or in an email application. Name the file type that will be used to save the scanned document, change the setting if necessary. Click ‘OK’ and ‘Finish” after to complete the scan.

The process is now complete, the document has been scanned and saved. Just look for the file name when retrieving the scanned document.

Similar process and set of instructions are observed with Windows 10 and much older versions of the OS. Except that being later and perhaps better versions, there are additional instruction to go through before scan is accomplished. So, it becomes necessary to review the set of guidelines and additional info to attain scanning reliably.

Remember, how to scan from a printer, much more if it is HP printer scanner in a bundled AIO, is definitely a simple and an easy process to follow.

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