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HP Printers: The Top 3 All In One Printer

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HP all in one printers are known for their durability and dependability, so any model can pass any test comparison. However, because there are lots of HP printer models in the market, picking the top three best printers is not easy as can be imagined.

By just picking the best printer according to each one model’s latent capability is a much more convenient approach. Such functions can be classified and falls into (a) the best photo printer, (b) the best buy printer (price), and (c) the fastest (print speed) printer.

  1. For photo printing the hp officeJet pro 8720 wireless printer is tops in this category, making it ideal for doing standard tasks, copying, faxing, and is also a genie in borderless photo printing. Wireless printing is axed through AirPrint app for Apple devices, while NFC touch to print for other smart devices. Plus printing is much lower at 50% less cost per page compared with laser printouts.
  2. When it comes to affordability there are several hp printers that cost just under $100 and the HP Envy 5660 e-all-in-one is considered the best under this heading. What is so remarkable about this model is it delivers on the best promise on print, copy, and scan effortlessly.
  3. When considering print speed, the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 leaves the others by a mile. Slow printers particularly are never positive contributors to office workflow and efficiency. It can create bottlenecks if a lot of employees are vying for printer space. This printer strikes a balance between value and capacity, printing being molded at 34 pages per minute (ppm) both for color and monochrome prints. Also offers large 11 x 17 inches prints and durable as it can breeze through 18,000 pages duty cycle per month.

These are the recommended HP all in one printer models that tops each classification, giving users a view on what to choose from the best that satisfies their office or home office requirement. There is really no doubt that HP has the best printer that can serve the most discriminating user around.

Remember, only HP manufactures the best printers, whether it is stand alone or the much preferred hp all in one printer.  

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