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iPhone Printer: Choice can vary from portable to the stationary?

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People’s dependence on the iPhone is so staggering that printer manufacturers has scrambled to develop a printer solely devoted to the device - the iPhone printer.

This truly makes sense because people are now attuned to various mobile devices and hardly use laptops and desktops anymore. Most of the action is now happening with the iPhone, from business deals, to paying bills, to medical appointments and for even printing photos. Portability is now the craze, not just for the phone but the iPhone photo printer as well.

Although, the reliable old stationary printers are still relevant, since it still can be used provided it operates WiFi. But, the recent trend is however into portable iPhone photo printers and not just portable in a sense but as small as the palm of the hand. Because the logic of the design, is it can fit anywhere and print when there is a need.

The HP Sprocket Portable Printer, the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, the Fujifilm Intax Share SP2, the Prynt Case iPhone Photo Printer and several other fits into this classification. All one needs to do is focus the iPhone click and the printer will do the rest. That means delivering the photo prints right away.

Or, the user may opt to put the taken images in storage to be retrieved later and print, because the iPhone printer is so versatile. However, photos are only limited to 2” x 3” in size and it comes with a stick on tape at the back. The reason is obvious, the photo is so small it can stick on any surface or some end up in refrigerator doors.

Moreover, these devices do not need ink in bulky cartridges, but instead use Zink (as in zero ink) coated photo paper. Much like polaroid where one gets instant copies at around 10 to 16 seconds per print. The only downside is, these type of photo paper is hard to find and really expensive - $10 for 20 sheets.

Bottom line, if you need to print from your iPhone, choose the best iPhone printer or an iPhone Photo Printer for stunning picture quality printouts.

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