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Is printing your own passport photo the better option?

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Print passport photo is quite expensive when offered by photo labs, the reason implied is it must follow basic requirements imposed by the governments line agency. However, photo printing is not exclusive to labs, but could be shoot at home.

The only reason why many prefer passport photos from laboratories is it is hassle free, because what comes out of the labs are certain that it literally followed the requirements imposed by the government.

If the intention is convenience and save a little in the process, the following requirements as applied below must be followed;

  1. First on the line is a good photo printer with the adjunct high resolution and delivers realistic color reproduction.
  2. Use only the type of paper used primarily for identity cards, passports and driving licenses. It must also have similar properties as conventional photo paper. Matte or low gloss branded paper at a minimum weight of 200gsm are only accepted.
  3. The printed photo must accurately show the skin tone and no inaccuracies must be observed or it will never be accepted. Take note that most home photo printer put more warmth to the image, never print from such printer.
  4. The size of the passport photograph must conform to the published line agency requirement, including the right number in pixels.

Bottomline; When printing passport photo, the rule is to check, double check and even check again, just to be certain that the print is accurately what it must be. The requirements must be followed religiously, because any variation even those minor ones will result in the rejection of the application.

Take note that application for passport is expensive, once it is rejected fees already paid will not be refunded. All photo printing must pass the agency’s scrutiny and reduce the risk of rejection or applicant will have to pay twice or even thrice, as one reapplies again and again and again..

Remember, print passport photo is not exclusively the domain of photo labs, photos from the home printer can also be accepted provided it is done in accordance with the guidelines of the government’s line agency. 

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