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​Kodak Printers: Are you aware of Kodak’s app for Android users?

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Meet and be comfy with the Kodak printer app for Android users, the Company’s version to be used only for a distinct group of devices. This app sits well with all devices that uses the Android OS outside the realm of Mac OS.

However this app is not consistent with all Android OS devices but only for ANDROID OS v2.0 or later - older OS versions are not covered. This app can only be used by downloading or installing the KODAK Pic Flick App/ KodaK Document Print App to the Android run device and the printer that will be used. Also be certain that the subject printer is registered to GOOGLE Cloud Print, or printing of documents will not be possible.

Take note that printing could only be possible through wireless fidelity (WiFi), and that both the device and printer are connected to the same network. Sign in with the users Google account and then press OK.

Open the Kodak App on the device, and select the picture or document that will be printed. Check if subject document need some editing, if so press View/Edit and hold the screen to access the edit mode. Rotate, pan, move, or even crop the document can now be made.

After which, Select Device to pick out the compatible Kodak all-in-one printer, select the print size. Then press Back and Send. The picture or document is now be printed or stored if the user opts to.

That’s about it, using the Kodak Printer App for Android devices is much easier compared to other Apps that provide similar features.

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