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Kodak Printers: How to install the Driver?

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Before anyone can print, it follows certain protocols involving the operating system of the devices. A Kodak printer is no exception, Kodak softwares come with the pack, install printer is one and Kodak printer driver is the other.

Like other bundled software, installing Kodak printer driver is necessary because it is the sequence of instruction that allows the printer to respond to commands and do the work it is designed for. The steps are as follows:

  1. To download the printer driver, tap the icon ‘printer and drivers’ this is accessed from the computers ‘control panel’. A screenshot will appear and from it and click ‘advanced printer setup’.
  2. Next an ‘add printer’ window will appear and click on the right printer from the list. If the Kodak printer is not listed, type in the printer name and add, use the TCP/IP address or hostname.
  3. Next, the user will be asked to select the ‘driver’, unfortunately Kodak drivers are not included in the Windows Update Program, so select ‘Have Disk’. A little popup appears showing the main directory of the folder where the printer is listed, then click ‘ok’.
  4. The list of Kodak printers will now appear, be sure to click on the right printer and once selected click ‘N’. Or maybe leave it as default or name it whatever is necessary as ID.
  5. The installation is almost complete, Windows will now process the information and install the printer after which click ‘ok’.
  6. If the user has reached this mesa, congrats the installation has been completed. Do a test print, do some adjustments and that’s about it.

It has been observed in the Industry that Kodak printer drivers are the hardest to install, compared to other types. This simply must be the reason why The Company never reached the popularity it aimed for in the first place. Even the Kodak software used to install printer is way below in capability compared to other more relied upon printers.

Remember, patience, perseverance and a lot of caution is needed to go about how to install the Kodak printer driver.  

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