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Kodak Printers: The Printers may be gone, but the ink lives on

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The company has officially ended its production of Kodak printers, and in fact has filed for bankruptcy. This announcement is really sad, however to the countless owners, they will not be left orphaned since replacement Kodak Printer ink continues to be available.


Not only are replacement consumables still on, but Kodak will honor its commitment to its consumer base. Customers will continue to avail of all Kodak’s product warranties, including technical support and services. This is really important to the company because customer service remains a priority even after it closed shop. For how long though, the offer lasts commensurate with the longevity of its printers.


The company really deserve credit for not leaving Kodak users in a bind, but particularly because ink supply per se is still big business. And we know that printer makers never consider making money out of selling printers but they take their haul in the supply of ink. Customers will continue to look for Kodak replacement ink, because it is the cheapest among other brands in the market.


Kodak never really anticipates that providing extended services would really be a problem, because not mush printers were sold in the market. Although, print quality were considered the best for photo prints, some other features are way way below the performance of comparative printers. So, Kodak printers only took a small share of the market, they were literally eaten alive by the competition.


In passing, the entry of Kodak printers into the fold was so unsuccessful, that they fold up even before they can fly. However, because it developed a very competitive replacement ink, the market actually felt the drawdown, because it informed the consumers that ink can be supplied cheap. The competition actually, have to revise the perception of marketing, and the vaunted “razor and razor blade” mentality has shown its flaws.

Our kudos goes to Kodak, they never renege on their commitment to be still relevant despite bowing out. The company may have discontinued making Kodak printers, but its supply of replacement Kodak printer ink lives on for a time.

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