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Konica Minolta PageScope: The mobile App for iPhone, iPad or iTouch

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If one is a Konica Minolta diehard, he or she will never be left out when it comes to technology upgrades or innovations. When wireless fidelity (WiFi) caught the fancy of users, Konica Minolta printer app PageScope came out to service the equally advanced Apple mobile devices.

From the Apple Iphone, to iPad and iPod Touch are served reliably by the Konica Minolta PageScope mobile app. This mobile app allows users to print from their apple mobile devices direct to any compatible Konica Minolta printers. One will only need to install the printing app, available from the iTunes Store, and voila printing access becomes available with just a tap of a button.

But first, any prospective user of the mobile app must setup a WiFi connection between the Apple mobile devices and Konica Minolta printer. So much better if the office or home office has an existing local area network (LAN) and is operating with a Konica Minolta line of bizhub multifunction printers. And to make the mobile app user friendly, the developer sees to it that the process is simple and easy to understand.

Once the WiFi connection is secure, setting up the mobile printer app is next, which is to be configured in the users mobile device. As intimated above, the process of setting up is a breeze even for ordinary John’s. The next step of course is adding a copier or a printer to the mobile device. Again the process of adding a printer is easy and follows simple sequences.

That’s about it, the Konica Minolta printer app is now installed and WiFi connection between the Apple mobile device and printer is established. The user can now do the printing of documents direct from the mobile device to the printer. 

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