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Konica Minolta Printer: The MFC for the office document production needs

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Let us accept the fact that not all MFC printers are the same, some are much better when it comes to performance, physical attributes or even aesthetic presentation. The Konica Minolta printer is one such printer copier, it stands out against the competition.

The role of an MFC is it must deliver and perform a variety of tasks, not just savvy but also offers convenience to the one using it. That is why employees must be able to appreciate, understand and experience the printing technology built into this machine. When the machine is used appropriately document creation becomes a simple task, downtime is seldom and the machine lasts longer.

Recently released Konica Minolta MFC printer copiers has a LED touch screen for easy user interface. Once the start button is pressed, the main menu opens on the touchscreen and from there the user can now select from the many functions the machine is capable of. If one is making a copy, then “copy” is tapped on the menu, this loads the printers main menu for the printers copy mode.

A number of options should appear once the copy mode screen loads, and users are given seven buttons to select from. But before making a selection, load the subject documents into the feeder tray of the Konica Minolta printer first. All documents must be loaded face down and once complete, the machine flashes as it acknowledges that copying can now commence.

A second button on the screen will ask the user what color scheme is required for the document, options include “auto color”, “full color” and “black”, as well as options for “two color” and “single copy” print jobs. Once the color scheme is selected, the printers settings changes and the pop-up window automatically closes. If the task is just to copy documents exactly as they appear, just press the green “start button”.

If more advanced copies are required, double sided for example, and other more sophisticated options that the Konica Minolta printer can offer, the sixth botton on the screen will do it. The last step in the entire process, is to tell the machine how many copies is needed, after which hit the “OK” button, regularly found on the touchscreen keypad on the LED screen.

Through it all, the process is really simple, and by just following the sequences, users should be able to experience the salient features of this printer copier.

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