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Lifeprint printer: The augmented-reality photo printer?

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A lifeprint printer or a lifeprint photo and video printer is specifically designed to deliver augmented reality prints or videos. This allows users to print favorite photos and images already stored in the iPhone and other Android based phones. Because the lifeprint printer is loaded with the unique Hyperphoto technology.

A printer with the Hyperphoto technology allows users to easily print favorite photos and videos direct from the iPhone. Prints can come from live photos from Snapchat, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and several more. These are then shared within the family, to some friends by simply printing the information to any lifeprint printer.

Watch photos and images come alive, for after all the lifeprint printer has been developed to increase visual experience. Never, compromise take whatever life has to offer, if a new technology offers the best in viewer experience, who are we to shy away from a perceived all time technical breakthrough.

Why lifeprinter came to be?

Society has also transitioned, because most no longer appreciate what normal or regular display environment offers. It seems that this too has become boring and wants augmented reality to enjoy a display environment that titillate the senses.

Augmented reality is the new normal for the millennials, a type of interactive reality-grounded display environment. It takes into consideration the capabilities of the computer to display generated images, together with sound, text and effects to heighten the users real-world perception.

It is an experience worth the dime as it combines what comes out real together with computer based scenes. This is to magnify the images to deliver oomph to intensify a modified view of the world. Better yet in plain language, augmented reality delivers an entirely enhanced version of the world around us, not just images but much more.

Remember, if you want to experience a rich and entertaining audio-visual experience, then try the lifeprint photo and video printer.

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