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PDF Printer App: Why documents need to be in PDF format?

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Computer jargon is quite confusing and only a few are literate enough to voice and understand the peculiarities. So long as one can operate the computer, they do not mind really what a pdf printer app is or wonder there even is a free pdf printer.

For us just starting to wake up so to speak, PDF means ‘portable document format’ but does it ring a bell yet. Or it more than add to the maze a portability concept makes and why PDF document came into existence. Computers need to arrange the fine lines of the documents so it could be read by others when it is shared by other computers.

It is like when the biblical Moses was given the ‘ten commandments’, the Lord designed it in a format that anyone can read and understand. If the Lord has not streamlined it, Moses would have needed a specific document reader to be able to relay the message carved out on the stone tablet, and we would never have been civilized.

However, at the onset there were lots of document formats available together with its specific reader programs. So, it adds to the confusion prevailing at the time before the PDF came into view. The PDF printer reader app actually made everything much easier as it standardized the document format. With only one standard used all over document can now be shared and read easily.

In support and to make the PDF format encompassing, here are 10 of the most reliable PDF reader app available. We start with (1). PDFelement, (2), Adobe Acrobat XI Printer, (3), Foxit PDF Printer, (4), Soda PDF Printer, (5) PDF-Xchange Printer, (6), Nitro PDF Printer, (7) Sumatra PDF Printer, (8), Expert PDF Printer, (9) Cute PDF, and (10), Free PDF Printer.

Next time you sit across your computer remember that the ease by which it gives meaning to the document shown is courtesy of a PDF Printer reader app, and it could even be a free PDF Printer app at that. 

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