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Printer App for Android: Why should one need easy access to it?

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It seems that almost all have become dependent on the smartphone we breath with it, sleep with it and even perhaps die with it. All our waking activity have been influenced one way or another by this device.

It is actually your portable laptop or PC, so you can almost do anything with it. And with most of these being loaded with an Android operating system, its printer apps for android like StarPrint allows one to print direct from the device. One only needs a compatible printer that operates WiFi and any document that comes from the smartphone can be given a hard copy.

Although there are lots of printer apps for android, StarPrint seems to standout from the rest being easy to go through. It is straightforward right where one wants it to be with a user-friendly main screen. All the printing options are laid out legibly, from pictures, to maps, instagram posts and even web pages.

Or pictures can be taken directly within the app and just order print and it can be delivered in just a few seconds. And for the rooting and camping enthusiasts printing directly from google maps is possible. Because a physical map is really important during outdoor immersions. To reduce the chance that any member of the party can get lost in the process.

However, before splurging some money on the app, it is only common sense to do a search to know if your printer is supported by the app. There are also extensions available for the app that further enhance its functional features. Example filters are now used extensively on photos that needs to be printed, a download is just a button away.

Bottom line whether one needs a printer app for android or not, it is only practical to have one, because opportunities may knock that require to print from your smartphone. All other printer app for android can suffice not just StarPrint as pointed out here. 

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