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Printer for work groups: Why go for a HP AIO Printer?

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The point is, work groups demand a printer that can go the extra mile to meet the demand. So, whether it is an inkjet or laser printer, it does not really matter because the demand dictates the choice.

However, the nature of the demand of work groups is so specialized that only the likes of a hp all in one laser printer can fit into the requirement. Efficiency is expected from work groups, it means the turnover of tasks is fast, while the quality of prints comes only second fiddle. Laser can be more reliable with this kind of requirement.

There is really no question when it comes to volume printing and print speed, because lasers have models that can go as fast as 100 ppm (pages per minute). Any inkjet that are bruited fast, will not fare in comparison to a laser. The secret in the prowess of laser is in the technology used in the design of the device.

Although both the inkjet and laser are digital printers, they have been designed differently. Their only common denominator is both are digital, aside from it both are extremes apart. In the process to print alone lasers use minute powdery particles (toner), while an inkjet rely on tiny jets to spray ink on the image on paper.

Thus, when the need is high-volume printing, printing speed, text documents, archival quality, laser is much more the type. Laser prints comes out are more permanent in nature, sharper and delivers lower costs per page. That is why, hp all in one laser printers are best recommended for work groups.

On the other hand, for small home office and business, the inkjet is more specified, simply because print requirements are seldom as demanding as big offices and work groups. Besides inkjets are designed to offer quality and value for a home or office that only prints occasionally. This includes printing photos, because inkjets deliver the widest color gamut imaginable.

Remember, inkjet or laser printer are two different devices, it is blessed with features unique to each one. A hp all in one laser printer for instance will be best assigned to workgroups.

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