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Printers: What Is Considered The Best Printer For Photographers?

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Photo color labs has been the go through destination when it comes to printing photographs. Not lately however, because Epson has developed series of printers culminating with the epson surecolor p800, is obviously intended for professional photographers.

What does the best printer in the market offer aspiring photographers? Well, professional printers that can deliver on its promises and never missing out in important details. They obviously need printers that can provide the sharpest details and most accurate color hues and on any paper surface and in almost unlimited sizes. If necessary, the printer must be compact and pass on as table top in footprint.

The Epson SureColor P800 was developed precisely for this purpose and meet all qualifying features professional photographers need. This printer offers maximum resolutions of 2880 x 1440 dpi (dots per inch) and together with the revolutionary MicroPiezo AMC print head, delivers lab quality prints. Not only is it optically refreshing with its gallery-quality color and black and white prints, but it is capable of printing images up to 17” x 22”.

To add up to its line of features, the nine ink-set cartridge array produces bold range of colors and when necessary, the printhead can automatically move between photo and matte black ink to maximize black density intended for varying media types. To do away with deficiencies in tonal gradations, droplets size are delivered at 3.5 picoliters. Giving imagery tonal quality not experienced by other systems.

Professional photographers look at a printers capability by the tonal quality it can develop, which are easily recognizable through visible resolution, smoothness of tonal gradations, gamut, richness of grayscale and colors, ‘blackness of black’, and shadow detail or distinctiveness of levels in the quarter tones. These points of reference are stunningly captured by the epson surecolor p800, making it one of the best in the league.

And finally to add to the convenience, this printer, the epson surecolor p800 offers WIFI connectivity and allow users to print anywhere around the globe from any mobile devices. A major plus for photographers because they need not be physically present with the printer in order to print photographs. They can actually order printing runs while on the go.

Remember, the epson surecolor p800 inkjet printer has been hailed by professional photographers as the answer to their decades long search for the printer that satisfies their photo finishing need.

  • Epson Surecolor P800
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