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Ricoh Printers: How to secure print jobs?

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Organizations are now connected to wireless technologies, particularly long-range connectivity, as such cannot be contained within an office environment. Since the network cannot be secured, printing protocols in the use of Ricoh printers must be routinely observed to protect the integrity of documents by reducing possible leaks.

How to secure print jobs in a Ricoh printer can be summed up as follows:

  1. From the application box of the printer choose or pick ‘print’ and wait for the dialog box to appear. Click the button ‘print options’ or plainly just ‘options’ and it will open up a new window. From the list appearing on the screen select the right Ricoh printer and then click ‘properties’.
  2. A drop down appears just about ⅔ from the top and just right to the middle, choose the type of print job that will be sent to the printer. A ‘details’ button should be visible just beside the drop down and click on the icon that says ‘normal print’ and choose ‘locked print’. After which click the ‘details’ button next to the drop down.
  3. From the ‘details’ window a new drop down appears together with two text boxes, click and select ‘windows login name’. The text will be placed in the upper text box, gray it out so to bar editing. Once completed enter a numeric password in the lower text box and then press ‘ok’. This is important, because this information will be needed to select the print job on the printer and printing will not be possible without the password.
  4. Open up the ‘printer’ option on the Ricoh MFP, this is to view the print jobs sent to the printer. Select the one document that needs to be printed, highlight and enter the password set for the job and press ‘ok’. That about it, grab the hard copy as it comes out of the printer tray.

Take note that in rare cases that print jobs need not be secured, click ‘hold print’, it works similarly as the locked version, only that no password or pin is required to print the file.

Remember, follow the instruction meticulously on how to secure print, using a compatible ricoh printer.

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