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Samsung Printer App: For hassle-free connection to mobile devices

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Mobile devices has practically touched all nook and corners of our society, it probably is considered already an addiction. If transistor radios were the mode in the 30’s and 40’s, this is it for the this millennia.

As adjunct to the craze, Samsung released the samsung printer app to allow users to print just about anything using their mobile devices. So, whether it is an iPad, an iPhone or any other mobile electronic gadgets that operates on WiFi signals, printing and communication is possible. Cloud print as we call this app has tremendously upped the ratio for convenience.

Convenience is the primary driver, because users need not be saddled by their physical presence inside offices or photo labs to print documents. All is needed is allow the mobile devices to transmit documents and images to the compatible printer, which then print or store the incoming datum. The user can then retrieve the datum from the printer, by looking at it thru the monitor or print a hard copy.

Printing though is guaranteed only if the partner printer is compatible to the mobile device OS (operating system). In the case of the samsung printer app it is so user-friendly that installing a new driver is no longer necessary, because the app will look for the compatible samsung printer automatically and connect.

However, this automatic and instant connection setup is only true if both (the printer and mobile device) are connected to the same wireless network. The preliminary connection protocols must be enhanced surely to render transfer of information to flow freely. To cloud print is a distinct feature of the samsung printer app, but it must be supported firmly to work successfully.

Remember, the samsung printer app is not stand-alone, it will only work in tandem with a compatible samsung printer or any other printer brand.

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