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Sprocket Photo Printer: Which is which HP vs Polaroid Zip?

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The latest to hit the market are sprocket photo printers, and as expected the competition is fierce as who will be number one. Is Hp sprocket photo printer the one or will it be a toss-up between hp sprocket vs polaroid zip.

Sprocket photo printers were designed in tandem with the smartphone, to serve as option should a hard copy is needed direct from photos snapped by the phone. The size is small, just like a deck of cards, obviously smaller and slightly lighter than a smartphone. It does not carry ink cartridges and the internal battery allow printing anywhere.

Cool don’t you think, and because of this, companies like HP and Polaroid have their own version of the sprocket photo printer. The comparison could not be clear because both are practically of the same size. Further, with both products coming from tested and reputable companies, makes it doubly hard to settle the issue.

However, we can always look at the features that mostly endear it to users;

  1. Photo quality is better shown by HP, only by a small edge, because professionally both prints are grainy and inaccurately colored images. So, if one is not looking for high resolution images, both will pass.
  2. Print speed for a polaroid zip takes about 55 seconds to print and 45 seconds for the hp sprocket, resulting in 20 images for the former and 30 images per full charge of the latter. A slight edge is again enjoyed by hp.
  3. Size and features, both are easy to carry being lightweight and with both capable good mobile devices, not one is better than the other.
  4. Cost of the device, the polaroid zip is as much as 20 dollars cheaper compared to the hp sprocket printer.
  5. User friendly is much more felt with the hp sprocket photo printer compared to the version from polaroid.

Knowing the above sets of head to head comparison, it is clear that the hp sprocket photo printer has the slight edge compared to the polaroid zip. However, the difference in edge is still very negligible that both can pass easily.

Remember, there is no clear winner in the hp sprocket vs polaroid zip head to head comparison.

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