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Top 10 Most Energy Efficient Laser Printers (Part 2)

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This is part 2 of our post on the Top 10 Most Energy Efficient Laser Printers.

In our previous post, we featured 5 monochrome laser printers ranked 6 to 10 based on their energy efficiency rating. Now we reveal to you the top 5 printers comprising our most energy efficient list.

5. At number 5 are Brother multifunction printers MFC-7340, MFC-7840w, MFC-7440n and MFC-7225N. The Brother monochrome laser printers are given the fifth spot in line with the 460 watts energy use rating of the mentioned units. All printer models likewise consume only 75 watts of electrical energy during sleep mode and consumption slips to 10 watts when in sleep mode.

4. An HP laser printer occupies the fourth spot. The 425 watt consumption rating of the HP LaserJet M2727nf (active mode) may not quality the printer as an energy miser. But given that this printer unit operates at the speed of 27 pages per minute (ppm) perfectly supports its energy consumption level. The printer’s energy saving feature includes a standby mode that consumes only 15 watts of electrical energy.

3. Another HP LaserJet printer enters our top 5. The HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP is truly energy efficient as it delivers print speeds of 24 ppm but consumes only 410 watts of electrical energy while printing. It is not however featured with a sleep mode because the unit only reverts to standby and uses up 10.5 watts of electrical energy in that mode.

2. Number 2 on our list is the HP LaserJet 1212nf. The unit may use up 375 watts of electrical energy while printing but consumes only 4.7 watts and 2 watts when in standby and sleep mode respectively. The large disparity in wattage use is advantageous to users with intermittent print jobs.

1. Topping the list of most energy efficient laser printers is the Lexmark X204N. The unit only consumes 327.6 watts of electrical energy in the course of printing. When not in use, consumption scales down to 52.4 watts while waiting for a print job to materialize and when print job interval is far in between, the printer automatically shifts to sleep mode to consume only 8.79 watts. The X204N 24 pages per minute print speed truly makes this laser printer ideal for office use.

All of the 10 listed monochrome laser printers are classified as Energy Star compliant. This means that the units have all passed the guidelines on equipment energy use issued by the United States Environment Protection Agency or USEPA. Also be aware that the sleep mode is mandated because most often, printer units are left plugged to the power outlet following working hours (over night) and particularly during weekends.

The monochrome laser printers listed as energy efficient however do not always end-up as the most salable models because certainly, the cost of the replacement consumable and availability of aftermarket replacement toner supplies will eventually decide on the continued rise in popularity of the printer."

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