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Top 10 Most Energy Efficient Laser Printers

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(Part I)

In choosing the ten most energy efficient laser printers print speed and energy consumption served as focal parameters. Consequently, ranking the selection proved to be tricky given the need to strike a balance between the set criteria. An energy saving printer may rate poorly in terms of print speed while a high speed printer will most likely eat up a lot of electrical energy.

compromise between the set criteria of print speed and energy efficiency. The buyer either sacrifices print speed to get an energy saving unit (some designed with Energy Star technology) or dispenses with the criteria of energy consumption in favor of pages per minute production.

Here is a list of 10 of the most energy efficient printer models. Print speeds of featured monochrome laser printers are of comparable range as well.

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10. At the bottom of the list is the Canon ImageCLASS MF4690. This is a really energy voracious printer that eats up 700 watts of electrical energy in the course of printing. But wait till it resumes to ready mode and sleep mode to see average wattage consumption drop to just 12 watts and 3 watts respectively. You can't expect a laser printer to fully go green while in full print mode. It is total power consumption during standby and sleep mode that confirms its energy efficient status.


9. Near the tail end of the list are the Brother All-in-one MFC-8480dn and MFC-8890dw. Both monochrome laser printers use up 680 watts of electrical energy during active operation, 85 watts during standby and 18 watts when in sleep mode. Again this level of energy consumption is tolerable because both laser printers are marked with a 32 ppm print speed.

8. The Canon ImageCLASS models MF4350d, MF4370dn and D480 concurrently take up the 8th spot. Said monochrome laser printers operate with the same set of power consumption specifications, particularly at the rate of 630 watts during full operation, 9 and 3 watts when in standby and sleep mode respectively. The published print speed for each printer is pegged at 23ppm.

7. Occupying the 7th position is the Xerox Phaser 3635MFP/S unit. While the printer eats up 600 watts during printing, power consumption drops down to 55 watts following completion of the print job in standby mode and plummets further to 5 watts when finally in sleep mode. At a glance, you would not think much of the energy savings provided by this unit. But given that its generous print speed of 32 ppm is backed up by wattage use of only 600 watts more than makes up for its supposed lack of distinction in the aspect of energy efficiency.

.6 Completing the bottom half of the list is another Canon printer, the ImageCLASS MF3240. The 20 ppm rated laser printer uses only as much as 580 watts when fully operational and 5 watts when the MF3240 reverts to either active or sleep mode.

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Watch out for the monochrome laser printers composing the upper half of our top 10 list on the most energy efficient laser printers. That will be the second installment of this post.

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