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Xerox Printer: How to connect to Mac?

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Like all printers connecting to an available OS (operating software) follows certain protocols in order for the system to work. A fuji xerox printer is no exception, certain connection sequences need to be followed.

How to connect a fuji xerox printer to mac is a simple process and the installation sequences are detailed as follows:

  1. First in the process is look for and download the xerox printer driver and the latest version is the xerox printer driver 3.50.0.
  2. Once the version is available, click to download the xerox printer driver, this is made by double clicking on the xerox driver .pkg.
  3. Click continue to move around the installation wizard and once completed, click agree and a prompt appears to proceed with the next sequence.
  4. Next, should be the installation, so click install, and if asked, enter the computer’s password. This is normally done by clicking on the single icon-printer regularly found on the right. Then, type in the IP address of the xerox printer to be used and click continue.
  5. To look for the IP address of the selected printer, visit and select the correct printer model type. This is normally shown directly on the face of the printer, after which click close.
  6. Open System Preferences regularly as part of the dock or from the Apple menu, click on the Printers and Scanners to add the printer to the list of available printers.
  7. If an Accounting Code/Printer Code is required for the added printer proceed and follow Setup Xerox Printer Accounting on Mac OS X instructions.

That’s about it, the process on how to connect fuji xerox printerto mac is now complete.

Remember, going through the processto install the Mac OS to the xerox printer is simple and easy, but the sequence must be followed explicitly to get the expected performance of the device.  

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