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Toner Brother HL 730: OEM and Remanufactured Drum Units

Not all stores can give you hassle-free shopping, free shipping and discounted printer consumables. But we do.

The challenge for discontinued printer models like the Toner Brother HL 730 is to look for reliable consumable replacements. This monochrome laser printer is dedicated for home and small office use. It is capable of producing sharp texts and graphics at decent speeds and resolution.

Although manufacturers still produce OEM toner cartridges and maintenance supplies, toner Brother HL 730 is still steeply priced and can only be requisitioned in a limited numbers of stores.

Laser Tek Services carries numerous OEM and compatible consumables for most discontinued printer models. We also offer discounts and free shipping for orders above $50.

Scroll down below to check our offerings for Brother HL 730 consumables.

Brother DR-200 Remanufactured Drum Unit

The drum unit is a major component of the laser printer. If the drum is scratched or dented, it can lead to unwanted markings on the printed page or deletions of the image. Once the 20,000 page limit is breached, the drum unit will have to go through repair and maintenance or will have to be replaced.

Laser Tek Services supplies DR-200 remanufactured drum units for the toner Brother HL 730 for only $48.99. Save as much as 24% when you order from our web store. We also carry the OEM brother DR-200 drum unit, which retails for only $177.30.

Brother HL 730 Laser Printer

The Brother HL 730 is a budget range, compact personal laser printer ideal for home and small office use. The printer may look so small but the HL 730 always delivers professional looking printouts. It’s a perfect match for users who are not keen on investing for a pricey laser printer.

The specs sheet of this personal printer indicates print resolution of 600 dpi and a print speed of 6 pages per minute. The print speed and resolution were of course the standard during its heyday. Additional features include 1MB of RAM upgradeable to 2 MB and a-200 sheet capacity paper tray.

The printer was released last November 1997 and discontinued years later. However, Laser Tek Services still supplies OEM and remanufactured Toner Brother HL 730 cartridges and drum units to keep your printer running for many generations.

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