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Pixma MP250

Canon Pixma MP250 Multifunction Photo Inkjet Cartridges – OEM and Remanufactured


You can print nonstop when you have bundles and multipacks of ink cartridges.

The OEM PG-210 black ink cartridge can be ordered online for less than $20 and the CL-211 tri color ink cartridge for a little over $20. However, many users often find themselves running out of ink just after turning out a few pages of photo prints. Now that can be expected from ink tanks of MP250 cartridges that have been moderately supplied with liquid ink. The PG-210 ink cartridge is rated 220 pages only at the standard page coverage of 5% while the CL-211 ink cartridge comes with a 244 pages rating. Use of the high yield versions of the pigment-based PG210 and dye-based CL-211 looks promising in this case. But then again, users won’t find that option sustainable when faced with frequent, high volume print jobs. The optimal solution then to easily depleted ink tanks and high printing cost per page is the use of remanufactured ink cartridges. Scroll down further below to check out OEM MP250 cartridges and brand remanufactured ink cartridges replacement.

Canon Pixma MP250 cartridges – Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

The use of Pixma MP250 remanufactured ink cartridges offers a cost efficient solution to high volume photo and document printing. For one, the PG-210 XL and CL-211 XL remanufactured ink cartridges come supplied with high page yields. Each ink tank can therefore accommodate more ink volume so that you won’t easily run out of ink supply. More importantly, remanufactured ink tanks are priced at least 20% cheaper than OEM ink cartridge pricing.

Canon Pixma MP250 cartridges – Multipack

Upgrade your inkjet printing savings with multipack remanufactured ink cartridges. We bundled high yield PG-210XL black with tricolor CL-211XL MP250 cartridges. These bundles or multipacks would suit various user requirements. Take your pick from 2 pack, 3 pack, 4 pack and 4 pack bundles and enjoy bigger savings with every step up.

Canon Pixma MP520 Photo Printing

The Canon Pixma MP250 is a full-featured inkjet. It is a multifunction inkjet upfront that makes it ideal for use at home or the home office. In terms of print speed, the unit can turn out 7 ISO images per minute (ipm) and 4.8 ipm for monochrome and full color prints respectively. Users are also treated to full color photocopying and a 600 dpi resolution flatbed scanner that runs an Auto Scan Mode feature. But what really is exciting about this $200 inkjet printer is its photo printing capabilities. If only OEM MP250 cartridges come cheap.