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DeskJet 722C

HP DeskJet 722C C1823D & 51645A Ink Cartridges In Packs

The quality of your printouts reflects the quality of your service.

Your HP Deskjet 722c printer may be out of touch and archaic. But you’ll be surprised to know that it can still work seamlessly with the latest generation PCs. Fact is that it’s easily convertible and was built to last.

The consumables are also easy to find and are practically cheap. Laser Tek Services offers Deskjet 722c Tricolor OEM inkjet cartridges and remanufactured inkjet cartridges in individual ink tanks and multi packs. Also enjoy great discounts and fast shipping times.

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HP No 23 C1823D DeskJet 880 Tri Color OEM Inkjet Cartridge

The Deskjet 722c ink cartridge adopts the tricolor technology where cyan, magenta and yellow inks are housed in separate compartments. The pigment-based inks and ink cartridges were engineered to work perfectly with the DeskJet 880. Expect the printer and ink tandem to deliver sharp, crisp and clear texts and graphics. What’s more is that printouts are fade-resistant which allows for easy archiving.

The HP C1823D is a replacement ink cartridge that is compatible for use on the Deskjet 710c, 712c, 720c, 722c, 810c, 812c, 830c, 832c, 880c, 882c, 890cse, 890cxi, 895cse, 895cxi and 1120c series printers.

While Amazon offers a 445 page yield OEM HP No 23 C1823D ink cartridge, offers a 620 page yield remanufactured ink cartridge with a density of 15%. The ink cartridge sells for only $52.57.

HP 51645A #45 Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Our remanufactured ink cartridges are OEM HP 51645A cartridges that have ran out of ink supply after one print cycle. These ink empty cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and refurbished. They are then refilled with pigment-based compatible inks that are also resistant to fade and have color stability. Our Deskjet 722c black ink cartridge also loads the Apple Color Stylewriter 6500, Color Copier 100, Color Copier 110, Color Copier 120, Color Copier 140, Color Copier 145, Color Copier 150, Color Copier 155 and Color Copier 160 series.  

Retailing for only $8.99, print as much as 833 pages with each ink tank. OEM ink cartridges can print up to 830 pages. Get higher page yields and OEM print quality at the lowest prices with Laser Tek Services remanufactured consumables. Buy now and bring down cost per page to only 1.18 cents.

HP 722C DeskJet Printer

The HP 722C  is a small unsophisticated personal printer intended for home use. It’s a space efficient inkjet printer that can handle basic printing tasks. The HP inkjet operates at the print speed of 5 pages per minute for monochrome documents and 0.4 page per minute for color photos. The rated print speed is quite slow in today’s standards. But during the 90’s, it was the epic print speed that was fast enough in inkjet standards. You can check the full specs here.

The HP 722c DeskJet printer was introduced in October 1997 but consequently discontinued in January 1999.  It was succeeded by the HP Deskjet 882C series. However, remanufactured ink cartridges can still be ordered from the aftermarket. Laser Tek Services has on stock OEM and remanufactured ink cartridges to keep your printer up and running.

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