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DeskJet 895

HP DeskJet 895cxi Cartridges

A good printer cartridge makes good money and better workplace.

The features of the HP DeskJet 895cxi printer may be considered obsolete by contemporary inkjets. But its old glory still prevails. It can still print superb quality outputs whether the requirement is for monochrome documents or color photographs for your photo album. However, the ink cartridges of this printer are so hard to find since this printer was already discontinued. Luckily, Laser Tek Services still distributes OEM and remanufactured 895cxi cartridges as replacement for empty HP C1823D (TRI-color) and 5164A (black) ink tanks. All these you can order at an affordable price.

You can save as much as 15% when you order the ink cartridges from our website. Scroll down further below to check our offerings for 895cxi ink cartridges.

HP No 23 C1823D DeskJet 880 Tri Color OEM Inkjet Cartridge

Tri-color ink cartridges have their merits when it comes to providing graphic color printouts. For instance, HP 895cxi cartridges HP No 23 C1823D is perfect for printing repeating graphics such as logos.

The best thing about tricolor ink cartridges is that it’s priced cheaper. Laser Tek Services offers HP No 23 C1823D Tricolor OEM inkjet cartridge set for only $52.57. Print as much as 620 pages at the standard page coverage of 5%. The tricolor ink cartridge is compatible with these Deskjet series printers: 710c, 712c, 720c, 722c, 810c, 812c, 830c, 832c, 880c, 882c, 890cse, 890cxi, 895cse, 895cxi and 1120c,

HP 51645A #45 2 Pack Remanufactured 895cxi Cartridges

Maintain a reliable printer consumable supply! Why buy one when you can always buy multipack cartridges? Enjoy substantial savings when you order remanufactured Deskjet 895cxi cartridges (HP 51645A #45) at our web store. Get the 2 pack Deskjet 895cxi remanufactured ink cartridges for only $12.99. Print CPP is set at 1.18 cents per page. Now you can save more while printing more.

Each ink cartridge yields 833 pages at the standard page coverage of 5%. The cartridge has been restored and refilled with specially engineered pigment-based inks that is similar to HP ink composition. It replaces the HP 51645 cartridge and is engineered for use with the Apple Color Stylewriter 6500, Color Copier 100, Color Copier 110, Color Copier 120, Color Copier 140, Color Copier 145, Color Copier 150, Color Copier 155 and Color Copier 160 as well.

HP 895cxi DeskJet Printer

The HP DeskJet 895cxi is personal rudimentary printer  intended for home use and businesses that do not carry heavy volume printing jobs. HP’s Color Layering Technology is the main feature of this printer model. Said technology makes it possible to turn out brilliant photo prints without smudging.

Specifications of the 895cxi indicates a printing speed of 11 pages per minute for monochrome and 8.5 pages per minute for Color. The device supports 600 dpi resolution . You can check out the full specs here for more information.

The 895cxi was introduced in November 1998 as part of the Hewlett-Packard 10th anniversary product line during the late 90’s. The printer was discontinued 3 years after its release. However, aftermarket manufacturers are still providing consumables for the printer line. Laser Tek Services still retails OEM and remanufactured 895cxi cartridges for the at a lower price to keep your precious printer running like a charm.


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