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Toshiba DP80F Toner Cartridges & Drum Kits

Printer performance lies on good printer cartridge.

We have in stock OEM toners and drum kits for Toshiba DP80F multifunction printers. Save as much as 60% when you order the TK-18 toner cartridge and DK-18 drum unit at Laser Tek Services.

Scroll down further below to check our Toshiba dp80f toner and drum offerings.

OEM DP80F 85F Black Toner Cartridge

We offer the best deals online for OEM Toshiba dp80f toner cartridges. Retailing for only $79.96, you get to save 69% when you replace your TK-18 cartridge by ordering from our store. Now you get more value for your money on top of a generous yield rating of 8,300 pages at the standard page coverage of 5%.

OEM DP80F 85F Drum Unit

The Toshiba DP80F drum unit uses heat and pressure to transfer the toner powder to paper. Toner powder is conveyed to the drum unit through the roller. Said mechanism is also referred to as the “photosensitive drum.” The printing of letters and images follows thereafter. However the drum unit deteriorates and gets worn out after the 20,000 page limit is breached. At this point, the drum unit will have to be replaced. We have on stock OEM DK-18 drum kits that you can order for only $48.99. Save as much as 47% when you order from our store.

Toshiba DP80F Monochrome Multifunction printer

For many years, Console Facsimile Transceiver printers converge office productivity tasks better than other printer models. They can print, scan, copy, and you can even send a fax message. Facsimile is transmitted at the rate of at least 6 seconds per page at 14.40 kbps modem speed. Print speed is pegged at 8 pages per minute.You can check out the archived manual here . The Toshiba DP80F printer is well suited for organizations that carry out typical office tasks at a volume that is low to moderate. The only setback is the rapid depletion of the expensive Toshiba dp80f toner cartridges. The OEM cartridges alone would cost you around $261.75. Good thing we have more affordable options just for you.

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