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Brother Printer: How to install the driver without a CD-ROM Drive?

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Cd’s has probably lost its sting among users because recently released laptops and computers no longer carry cd-rom drives. Since most driver installation instructions are etched into cd’s, getting out the information becomes a problem.

Although, Brother printers right out of the box contains everything needed to install the driver right into the computer, if it does not have a cd-rom drive all comes to naught. To remedy the situation, Brother the printer manufacturer developed a brother printer software precisely for this. Though this software, users can now install the driver through the online system. One is only required to access and look for the driver at the Brother Support Solutions Center.

The comprehensive support center website of Brother, contains downloadable drivers for most of its pinters. A thorough search in the support system could provide all the details, only users must be aware of the exact printer model. In fact, the support is so special that users have options, whether it is for Windows or McIntosh. Speaking of after sales reliability, Brother delivers and never leave minions of its clients in the dark.

Downloading the driver is just the initial step, the user will still need to configure the printer to access the local area network (LAN). This in particular involves printers being part of a wireless network. There are still installation protocols to follow in order for a printer to contribute to the work process. Wireless network information need to be gathered, including the network name and passwords. It involves the SSID referred to as the network name and passwords known as network keys or encryption keys.

When all the information are loaded into the device, only then can the printer start to operate. However, if after doing all the steps and guidelines intended, and the printer still refused to connect and work, it is highly recommended that the Brother Customer Support System should now come into the fray. They should be able to provide the help and give solutions in order for the printer to do its share.

Remember, never worry when the computer or laptop does not have a cd-rom drive, the Internet gives the driver installation protocols through the brother printer software. 

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