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Brother Wireless Printer: How to set it up and work?

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Anything wireless would only mean discomfort for the device user. Simply because signals are not visible and hard if not impossible to deal with. A brother wireless printer setup becomes mandatory in order for the printer to connect to the local wireless network to work accordingly.

Procuring a wireless printer is only the first order of things, setting it up, however is another matter. Users must follow guidelines provided for by manufacturer’s to allow smooth printing operation. Hereunder are details:

  1. Before attempting to configure the printer’s wireless setting, the user should be briefed on the network’s settings of the WLAN access point/router. In particular these are the Network Name ( SSID, Service Set ID, ESSID- extended service set ID).
  2. Network Key (password, security keyor encryption key, and others). Take note that brother machines supports the use of the first WEP KEY only, so if the router use multiple WEP KEYS, pick the first WEP KEY.
  3. Configuring the brother printer starts with the machine’s control panel.
  4. On the machines control panel press the menu, use the up down arrow key and choose the right network and press OK.
  5. Look for the Setup Wizard and press OK, when the LAN ENABLE appears, press icon, this will start the wizard.
  6. A list of SSIDs will appear and pick out the right printer ID, then press OK. The machine will now attempt to connect to the wireless device.
  7. Once connection is successful, the machine’s LCD displays Connected, the machine will now print the status report.

That’s about it, the connection has been established, but before printing operations can commence, the user need to download the full driver and software package. Thoroughly follow the installation instruction to avoid kinks in the printing operations later on.

A brother wireless printer setup, is really simple and the guidelines are easy to understand. It does not need a techie to establish a successful wireless network connection. Guts and common sense are the users bullets to experience flawless printing runs.

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