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Canon Printer Ink: Does it pay to use third party ink cartridges?

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Third party ink cartridges continues to be popular despite the barrage of unsavory observations coming mostly from printer manufacturers. But why? Let’s take it that OEM supplies like the Canon printer ink is so expensive and out of reach from most consumers.

Thus, any relief in the form of cheap alternatives will naturally appeal to buyers. Considering that alternative inks are at least a quarter of the cost of the OEM, all other considerations like quality and reliability are no longer reasons to quell the appetite of users. To save becomes the driving force behind the continued preference of buyers in the choice of printer inks.

Third party inks are those cartridges that has emptied out and refilled by the user or by a third party. The resulting quality will then be inconsistent, because the ink might be different or the print head might be questionable. It is different with the OEM because each new ink cartridge carries with it a fresh print head that assures print quality. Some alternate suppliers though, do thorough check on the cartridge, worn out parts are replaced, then refilled before it can be sold.

OEM’s have valid grounds to be calculating, because third party cartridges were not manufactured following rigid processes that could affect print quality and coverage in printed pages. In the absence of enforceable warranty, users will be at the losing end. Ink users must therefore be discriminating in the choice of supplies, because scams abound but there are also dealers that sell OEM quality alternates.

Getting the right third party ink is a hell of an effort to do, but with the Internet at bay, search will be less of a problem. But it is still a race to find the very best among the best, and the process could be long and tedious. But once the right supplier is found, only then can users experience a sigh of relief and make use of the benefits third party inks offer.

In the end, given the right supplies, third party ink cartridges pays, and a lot. Remember, the consideration must be print quality and coverage in printed pages, whether it is an OEM or an alternative Canon printer ink.

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