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Compact Printers: Why Compact Is Better Than Just Any Regular Printer?

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The choice of a printer is actually dependent on the prevailing need of the user. However, the main consideration should be convenience since a printer like the Canon Selphy CP910 offer precisely on that premise.

In the past printers were huge and bulky because the sophisticated mechanical and electronic parts could not be designed in condensed forms. However, as technology progressed, electronic circuitry has evolved to be micro in size. So, to match the emerging electronics development, mechanical parts has to shed size also. That is why, modern day printers have become compact and can be moved around just like laptops.

Compact printers are designed with mobility as the primary consideration, that is it is lightweight and could be carried easily, but most of all it has the features of regular printers built into the frame. It includes: printing speed at over 100 pages per minute (ppm), good print quality, print resolution at over 9600 x 2400 dpi (dots per inch) and so on. Users are actually given a printer that does it all except it is compact in size.

Another feature of portable printers that is worth the dollar is the inclusion of WIFI or wireless fidelity, because it adds up to the convenience as it can be moved anywhere in the office or homes. This is possible because the compact printer and computer works without the need of long lines of cables. WIFI also allows the user to send print jobs to the compact printer from the laptop to as far away as 30 meters.

One last feature and probably the most important, compact printers are designed with an internal battery power supply. It means that it can be used sparingly for people or executives on the go. Since plug-in is just an option portable compact printers let users work basically anywhere. Work can be continued whether one is in the car, at one’s hotel room, in dining areas or even while enjoying life at the beach.

And finally being compact like the canon selphy cp910, the footprint is almost negligible and will never be an eye sore whether it is placed in the office or occupies a space in residences.

There are tons of advantages for opting for a canon selphy cp910 compact printer, those mentioned are just some of the many that will urge users to buy a printer of this category.

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