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Digital printers: Toner versus Ink, which is which?

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Digital printers has entirely changed the way people print and produce documents. While, this may be good, the development left users in quandary as to what printer technology is really appropriate.

It would have been easy if the choice is made between good and evil, but it’s actually ink vs toner or inkjet vs toner printer. One cannot be better than the other, both maybe good or both maybe evil. In particular, it is the choice between toner and inkjet cartridges. Some pros and cons detailed below may help:

  1. What is toner printer or laser printers would mean really fast printing, some prints are actually delivered at 300ppm (pages per minute). This is also coupled with high picture quality and latent longevity, because prints can actually be measured not to degrade in centuries. The downside however is laser printers are huge and bulky machines and replacement toner cartridges are really expensive. The only consolation is, toner cartridges are rated at thousand pages per replacement. Though toner refills are cheap, the process is messy and not a pleasant experience to go through.
  2. Inkjet printers on the other hand are so cheap upfront by comparison, some can be had at less than 50 dollars. And as added bonus delivered printouts are clean, clear, while Ink cartridges are small and really easy to replace. The negative aspect of inkjet printers prints are prone to smudges, the reason is ink concoction used in the process takes split seconds to dry. Ink also being liquid can clog on the printhead when left exposed for some time. Although ink cartridges are cheap at around 15 to 20 dollars, the coverage in printed pages hovers only around 50 to 75 pages, making replacement often a big drain to the budget. In fact, some users state that gram per gram printer ink is over 100 times dearer than Russian Vodka.

Now that what is toner printer and what is inkjet has been answered, that ink and toner cartridges are the vessels that promote printing on both technologies. It is now apt for users to make the intelligent choice which printer appeals, ink vs toner and suit their basic printing needs. 

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