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Epson Print Enabler: How to Print from Android Phone or Tablet

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Android, mobile printing, smartphones, WiFi, and several others are the new addition to our popular lingo. It signifies involvement in all applications that allow convenience in day to day activities.

Mobile printing for instance becomes possible because of the Android OS that came standard with every smartphone or tablet. To make use of Androids systems, Epson has developed the epson print enabler for android. And with only a few taps, any android device will be able to explore nearby compatible epson product and print.

To ably connect an epson product to the wireless network, follow the steps herein provided:

  1. Pick any android device and download the epson print enabler plugin available from Google Play.
  2. Once download is complete, go to settings on the android device, then select printers and enable the epson plugin.
  3. Be sure to connect the android device to the same wireless network similar to the epson product.
  4. Once both devices are attuned to same network, printing can commence. This willow anybody to print anything appearing on the screen that are products of android application, such as chrome or gmail.

Take note that if the epson product is not available on the screen, do not lose heart, because a simple tap could resolve the issue. Tap the all printers icon, and surely one of the devices will appear, then click on and select the product. Connection is now complete.

Remember, mobile printing and android OS works hand in hand to allow devices (smartphones, tablets) to work wireless. This epson app, enhances the mobile device built-in android system, connecting users to a wide range of epson inkjet and laser printers. With wireless connectivity, anything is possible and can be made to print whether one is near the office or even halfway around the globe.

All is really required is that mobile devices must download the epson print enabler for android app to connect and then print.

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