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Epson Printer App for Windows 10

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Epson have been launching and revolutionizing applications to increase functionalities, efficiency and convenience to their machines. Most of the new printers now have a printer application which enables people to print documents over a shared network. The following is a guide on how to the Epson printer app for windows 10 works.


1. A desktop with at least 64 - bits Windows version.

2. Epson Printer and Scan application (download the application from the Microsoft Store.)

3. An Epson printer that is compatible with the application. (You will see all the printers that are compatible with the application on the download page.)


1. Search, download and install the Epson Print and Scan app from the Windows Store. The application is free.

2. Connect your printer to a the same network that your desktop is using.

3. Print your documents - choose your specifics for example size, color and layout. When done click on the "print" option and the printer will immediately start to print.

4. The printed images will be automatically saved in the "photos" or "pictures" folder of your device.

The Epson Print and Scan application supports all JPG and PNG files. The app only works with printers that are nearby since it requires a shared network.

The application has other additional functionalities which everyone will find useful. For example, you can check the status of your printer by checking the level of your ink and ink quality from the application. You can also access your files through the app as it has storage options like Microsoft Skydrive and Google Drive.

Overall, the Epson Printer App is an easy application to use with nice functionalities. This app is especially crucial for people who use desktops most of time. Apart from printing, you can also scan your documents, save or send your documents to various places.

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