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HP Envy Printer: Your basic, simple but reliable printing machine

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When addressing consumer demand is paramount, expect Hp to be at the helm. A classic example is the development of the Hp Envy Printer Series of which the Hp Envy 4500 printer is the example.

You might have observed that modern printers are loaded with trappings, or extra features that are not really necessary and seldom used. These are fats so to speak that need to be trimmed, and literally the cause why printers have become so expensive. Besides, it burden users, limiting them from operating the device. Most users prefer printers that are less of a hassle and user-friendly.

Back to basics is the demand, and Hp is quick to exploit the situation so the Hp Envy series was born. All the extras have been omitted in the Hp Envy 4500, what you have is machine that is a pure printing beast. And because it is devoid of the lard, the cost has fully gone done and essentially have become affordable.

To meet the requirement head on, Hp has instituted trade-offs but did not compromise printing quality. For after all, a printer should be able to deliver printouts legibly and astoundingly. To maintain print quality, the 4500 uses two ink cartridges - one black and a tricolor cartridge of magenta, cyan and yellow.

Since, printing speed is dependent on a brutish engine, the Envy 4500 opted for one that delivers only 8.8 ppm (pages per minute) for monochrome and 5.2 ppm for color printouts. Photographs are best produced when the right paper type is used, otherwise the result will be and not necessarily of extraordinary quality.

To complete the total package, the aesthetics of the product is minimalist in execution. Reducing the appeal to be consummating even with the barest minimum. And finally at only $50 available at Staples, the Hp Envy 4500 printer is a good investment worth the money.

In the end, if you want a no-nonsense printing machine, simple yet reliable and affordable, the Hp Envy printer is the answer to your prayer.

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