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HP Printer Ink: How to save on printer ink cartridges?

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Printer ink for inkjet printers are only capable of printing a few pages, and need to be replaced. The process is already annoying, add the cost of an hp printer ink, the formula for waste is complete.

Waste because used cartridges are tossed away and expense to buy a very expensive replacement is not only damaging to the pocket but also to the global resources. So, how to save money on ink cartridges for printers? Some printer brands like Brother, Epson and Canon came up with the ink reservoir printer that promises to cut printing costs - $0.01 for monochrome and $0.05 for color.

Hp on the other hand wants its users to subscribe to an ink delivery service, in order to save as much as 50% on ink costs. Hp Instant Ink is a subscription service that tracks ink use and automatically provides ink refills when needed. This however comes with a fee, payment is based on the number of pages printed not on the amount of ink used.

The process actually is based on the printer data as it monitors the monthly printing use, and automatically communicates with HP when ink runs low. So, it is like the printer is spying on the user, but only on the printing activities. Subscription is free if the user prints only a maximum of fifteen (15) pages monthly. Over the minimum print pages, the user is billed accordingly.

Payment is tiered , $3 for 50 pages monthly, $10 for 300 pages, and over the limit, the charge is $1 for each additional 15 pages. Plus, the company leaves behind pre-stamped envelopes to allow transport of used cartridges for recycling. With this plan, HP said users can save as much as 50% of ink replacement costs.

Remember, how to save money on ink cartridges for printers is less of a hassle when the right hp printer ink supply arrangement is adhered to.  

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