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HP Printer Plugin: Android mobile devices printing access?

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That is right, android mobile devices cannot print on HP supported printers without the HP printer plugin app. The HP plugin is a shortcut access, can even be said as exclusive because it allows printing without the need of new drivers.

With the app one can easily print from Gallery Photos, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Chrome, Google Drive and all other apps that supports Print. But, printing is only possible if both the mobile device and printer are connected to the same network, or if using a WiFi Direct Network uploaded on a HP printer, via wireless or a USB on-the-Go cable.

However, before the app can be used, one must upload first the HP print service plugin. See to it that as stated above, both devices are connected to a similar wireless network, and the WiFi Direct app on both devices is enabled. Then install or update the HP Print Service Plugin available from the Google Play Store.

Once installation and update is completed, select a method that will turn on the HP Print Service Plugin. This is optional, because for android devices with 7.0 (nougat) and later, the HP Print Service Plugin app will be turned on automatically right after installation. If a first ever installation swipe down the home screen and look for HP Inc. service installed on the notification dashboard.

Tap HP Inc. service installed or just HP Inc. and then tap ON. If there are any other service plugin, if possible turn it off. That’s about it, the installation of the app is now complete and ready to print using the HP Print Service Plugin. So, make use of the app, print photos, documents, emails, or from web pages direct from the android device.

Remember, HP will never turn its back on its loyal customers, the development of the HP Printer Plugin, is testament to its never ending commitment to serve. The HR Plugin is fully devoted to the countless users of android devices.

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