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HP Printer Problem: Is the power cord defective if printer fails to power up?

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The HP printer power cord is not always the cause why a printer fails to power up, failure could come from any point. Although in any troubleshooting sequence, test should start with the power cord.

Before power can enter the printer, it must first course through the wall socket, the cord plug, the three set of wires, and the other end soldered securely to the main electronic circuit board. Then live power is made to pass through a fuse that easily breaks the circuit should power is alarmingly high.

From this setup, failure can be attributed to loose knife blade contacts of the plug, that is if the wall power socket is live. Next, the plugs knife blade contact must be securely and tightly attached to the connecting wires, otherwise continuity cannot be attained. And lastly, a break could happen along the entire length of the printer wire.

So, from the power cord alone failure can manifest within the different junctions, that is why it becomes necessary to check for continuity. A continuity reading meter must be used to do this kind of test. Once already certain that failure is not in the power cord, other test must made to determine why the printer still fail to power up.

Remember failure could come from a busted fuse, or the printer switch could be defective that bars the flow of electricity into the device. A set of relays are added into the power setup, it automatically connects once electricity is detected. An electrical multi tester is used to determine the integrity of the different power components.

Once all the tests are made on the printer components and correction are made the printer should now power up once plugged into the socket. Should the printer still fail to power up, it is only proper to check the status of the printer. Paper may not be present in the ADF (automatic document feeder), there is a paper jam, or ink levels are outrageously low.

Remember, the HP printer power cord is just one component that when defective could cause the power up failure. Certainly, replacing the defective power cord resolves the printer power up issue.

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