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HP Printer Setup: How to connect printer to network?

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Printers do not just print right out of the box, it has to be configured to allow it to print when using the local network. Regularly the box contains an Hp printer setup or instruction on how to connect printer to the network?

Though all new printers had this instruction included in the box, the setup instructions are not always easy to understand. Some may come in the form of videos to guide users and follow step by step instruction to weather through the process. In some cases, instruction include enticing the user to visit the web to go through it all.

HP on its part have made everything orderly to allow a user to quiz through the setup easily and swiftly. Just plug the Hp printer to the wall socket and turn on the wireless printer, and follow set of instructions:

  1. Use the touchscreen in the device to connect to the local wireless network.
  2. Press setup use the right arrow key on the touchscreen, a setup menu appears.
  3. Choose the network from the setup menu.
  4. Pick out the Wireless Setup Wizard from the network menu, search for the wireless router within range follows.
  5. Another pop up menu appears and press the local network SSID from the list.
  6. Enter the WEP/WPA Passphrase for the local network and once through press done.
  7. Then press OK to confirm the settings.
  8. After which, press OK to print the wireless report or skip.

That’s about it, how to connect the printer to the network setup is now complete. Both the wireless and wired computers connected to the network can now access the printer and print.

Remember, if you are an HP diehard, always be assured that your back is ably covered. There will always be an hp printer setup to see you through the maze on how to connect printer to the network.

This is HP’s culture to serve the needs of its various loyal customers.

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